Education System in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia. It shares borders with Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The Wakhan Corridor separates Pakistan from Tajikistan.

The Education System of Tajikistan consists of five years of primary schooling and five years of secondary schooling. Education in Tajik high schools and universities conducted in both Tajik (Farsi) and Russian languages. Children are required to attend school between the ages of 7 to 15. 

Higher Education and Professional Postgraduate Education works as follows:
  • Specialist degree: Duration five years. This is is equivalent to bachelor (four years) and master degree (one year).
  • Bachelor degree: Duration four years and in case of medical degree 5 years. 
  • Master degree: Duration One year. 
Khujand State University that was established in 1932 is one of the oldest institution in Tajikistan. Foreign students wishing to apply to Tajik high education need advanced level proficiency of Tajik/Russian language. And foreign students, who do not speak Tajik/Russian language, can take preparation courses in language schools. For more details see Universities in Tajikistan
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